“I have only compliments to share about this extraordinary team of compassionate doctors, techs and staff who care for my cats! My experience with Hamilton Animal Care came along when I had an emergency and couldn’t get in to see my regular vet. A year later and they continue to help in so many ways, but especially with the geriatric care of my two senior pets, assisting another to the Rainbow Bridge, and in offering cremation services for one very old bird who was my daughter’s first pet! I have had a chance to share so many sensitive health issues with so many of the doctors, techs and staff and each time, there seems to be another extension of kindness, patience, understanding and superior medical knowledge in doing the very best for my “babes!” This team of unselfish spirits really listen to their patients and seem to embrace each case personally. I cannot praise them enough for all their generous time in comforting my pets and me! A warm thank you to all!”
Lainie Belcastro

“Koji enjoys boarding at HAC! After a quick “Hi! Welcome back” from Koji, he quickly went back into your staff’s arms and the door to the kennel. How embarrassing but comforting that Koji prefers you to me. Thank you for your loving care.”

“I just want to let you know…..you have the most amazing staff…from the ladies at the front desk to your docs. Exceptional service and experience each and every time Ozzie and I have come. Keep up the great work. Shout out to Dr. Mitchell and Dr. DeVos…the Dr. Doolittles of the Lehigh Valley!”
Lauren Miller Claudio

“Thank you for caring for Lulu for so many years. Saying goodbye to her has left us heartbroken. Our gratitude to Dr. Reimert cannot be adequately expressed. While we adjust to life without our Big Girl, we take great solace in the fact that we were able to release her from all pain in our own home. She felt no fear or anxiety, just our love, as Dr. Reimert and Kristin attended to her. Woody and I want to thank you for that gift.”
Yvonne Amici Levy

“Thank you for the care and compassion everyone showed us when we brought Daisy in on Thursday. She is doing well, eating and drinking, and had shown interest in playing although we are keeping that to a minimum so she can rest.”
Emily George